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Craig Bellamy: Not a Good Loser. Or Statistician.


When you lose to a team you expected to beat, you’re supposed to show at least some humility, right? At least credit the opposition with something? Not Mr. Craig Bellamy.

In his post match interview after Wales 2-0 home defeat to Finland, Bellamy showed a worrying lack of humility. According to him, Finland are “not a good side”, which is at least a vague criticism. But he was a little more specific about Finnish goalscorer Jonatan Johansson

“Johansson … yeah … he’s scored. Don’t know how. I don’t think he’s a good enough player to score.”

Quick bit of info:
Craig Bellamy’s international goal tally: 16.
Jonatan Johansson’s international goal tally: 19

OK, Johansson has had 39 more caps and four more years to get those goals. But 19 is still the bigger number.

Also, not sure how Wales fans will feel about Bellamy’s review of the match:

“You’ve just seen two poor sides trying to contest this group, and none of us got a glimmer of hope of qualifying”.

Not sure how Sky Sports will feel about it either, after paying good money to screen the game.

To be fair to Bellamy, he’s doing this interview after a tough tough defeat and is obviously all emotional. And there’s a lot to be said for players expressing their actual opinions instead of just doing the old PR dance. So in a way this is a good thing.

But there has to be a happy middle ground somewhere. A way to express your opinion without insulting your teammates, the opposition team and one particular opposition player in general.

Which I believe is exactly what the YouTuber who added the owl-Bellamy-sheep post-script to that interview is trying to say.

[vid spotted on 101GG]

  • Jose

    Pure class, that one.

  • bobby_digital

    honesty… this is what i like to hear during post match interviews.. tell us how you really feel…. i wish more players would so

  • Ibracadabra

    Bellamy – always a crazy guy – as brilliantly summarized in the stepovers anonymous bellamy exclusive a while back re: golf clubs to riise’s head and telling off managers, etc. it’s no surprise this is his reaction but I can’t take anything away from the lad – he wants to WIN.

  • timmyg

    Bellamy is overrated and somewhat a megalomaniac.

    But I get the feeling the criticism of Finland was more directed at his own nation.

    Did anyone watch that match? I did, and was excited for it. But Wales were terrible, and had no idea on how to break down Finland. FINLAND!

    He may go mental with a golf club, but he wont throw everyone under the bus, explicitly. So he said what he said here.

  • Satu

    I think the owl there is referring to the Finnish NT’s nickname Huuhkajat (’eagle-owls’). Pfft, losing isn’t easy is it – I should know, look at what happened with us against Russia. All of you could do without putting down Finland though. We are above Wales in FIFA ranking, and doing extremely good for a country with a population of 5 million and the national sport of ice hockey.

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