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World Cup Moments: Dennis Bergkamp’s Goal vs Argentina in 1998


Bergkamp-Holland-1998If you remember the 1998 World Cup in France, then you remember Dennis Bergkamp’s goal for the Netherlands in the quarterfinal vs Argentina. The score was 1-1 in the 89th minute, and extra time looked almost certain. Until Bergkamp produced his moment of magic.

The goal was all about three touches, all with his right foot. First Bergkamp brings down a long high pass from Frank DeBoer as gently as if he were putting an infant to bed. Second, he knocks the ball through experienced Argentina defender Roberto Ayala’s legs for a surprise nutmeg. Third he expertly judges the bounce and fires into the far corner to win the game and take Holland through to the World Cup semi-finals.

We have a YouTube video below, featuring the now famous Dutch language commentary from Jack van Gelder. The man is so ecstatic at what he’s just witnessed he can only scream the name “Dennis Bergkamp!” over and over again. Watch below and try not to do the same.

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  • Ian

    Well, you can’t fault the commentator for a lack of passion … just vocabulary.

  • old apple

    I remember seeing that goal. Thing of exquisite beauty, bergkamp just oozed class and poise. Legend.

  • Jacek

    i love it

  • free bet

    i miss him and gullit…

  • Samuel Oudegeest

    De Boer’s pass was just as note worthy. Spot on for almost the full length of the field.

    Having that type of passing threat makes a huge difference.

    Also remember that Nederland played a man down for a some time. An argentine had just been sent off a few moments before the pass was unleashed.

  • Aidan

    Fabulous goal! I remember at the time being ever so slightly bitter about England having lost to Argentina in the previous round that I was jumping around the room when Bergkamp scored that goal…I’m much more mature these days, honest.

  • Rami

    I remember this goal so vividly (ok the replays helped!) but yea what a control and finish. Samuel has a point about the pass too. I also remember that after the game Bergkamp admitted that he had a very bad game overall but that this was one of the most beautiful and important goals of his career. I appreciated him volunteering the information without really being prompted to do so. Nice humility there.

  • Rob

    It is one of the best goals ever scored at the World Cup finals, its incredible to that in a situation where I can’t imagine more pressure.

  • Darren

    My favorite player… just a joy to watch…

  • floormaster squeeze

    I followed soccer casually in the 1990s but did not watch many games (easy to do in the US). I usually made an effort to watch World Cups and the Netherlands team in 1998 had captivated my attention in the run-up. So, I watched their games on Spanish language telecasts (English language broadcasts were a rarity even for World Cup games in the US at that time).

    I remember this goal quite vividly with my jaw dropping and a lot spanish hyperbole I did not understand. This goal made me a Bergkamp and a Netherlands fan for many years but most importantly it made a passionate fan of the beautiful game for life.

  • floormaster squeeze

    Also, I remember seeing that goal from a camera on the other side of the stadium (pass from lower RIGHT to Bergkamp on UPPER left). I suspect there might have been multiple camera crews back 1998 but it is also possible that I remember it incorrectly.

  • Oli


  • Sause

    I think its just amazing that he only took 9 steps from first touching the ball to it going into the goal. Messi would have take around 157.

  • NICK

    Great Goal. Bergkamp also scored a similar goal for Arsenal the season before the world cup against Leicester (3rd goal of his hatrick). Only difference was it was on the other side of the goal!

    True Legend!

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