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World Cup Blog is part of the world’s largest English Language Soccer/Football network in the world.

Since 2002, World Cup Blog has been blogging about international football from the fan’s perspective. The site first appeared during the 2002 World Cup when three intrepid football fans stayed up until the middle of the night writing about the games they were watching and the player haircuts that horrified and amused them. Featured on media sites like the BBC and MSN’s Slate, World Cup Blog attracted worldwide attention and readership that year. Here is what the site looked like then.

World Cup Blog returned to cover the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It was revamped to include a blog for each of the 32 teams in the tournament, as well as one about the referees and and another for general tournament news.

The blogs were and are written by fans in countries all over the world including: United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Hungary, Sweden and Brazil. The bloggers were not paid journalists, but they are fans that offer their passion and opinions about their teams on a daily basis.

Following the success of World Cup Blog in 2006, The Offside was launched to cover club football. It currently features well over 300 different team blogs, all written with the same knowledge and passion that made World Cup Blog a success.

In 2008 World Cup Blog covered Euro 2008 with 16 team blogs.

In 2010 We are covering World Cup 2010 in the same manner.

Chris is our main blogger, and gets help from Sarah, of Marseille Offside fame.

Ian Rose is the Business Manager of World Cup Blog and The Offside. He started out blogging for his beloved Scotland and has since taken a comprehensive role in keeping this the best site covering international football in the world.

Sean Keener is the Director of BootsnAll. Sean oversees advertising and media relations for World Cup Blog, while also contributing the ideas and enthusiasm that make everyone else look so good.

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Media inquiries and to contact any of the bloggers, please send all requests to media[at]

  • James Rohrer

    Thank you for this site.

  • Brian Watson

    Of all the World Cup Songs surely the only true football song is ‘Our Finest Hour’ by Winsome and the Churchills. It has everything the England fans want to chant from those German terraces.It’s patriotic,Jolly,lively,totally about football and definitely a little contoversial. I would have attached it to this E Mail if the facility was available.

  • eowu

    great site, i have a look every day!

  • Keyser

    great site, my wife thinks that I’m crazy seeing the matches and blogging at the same time!!!
    Kudos for all the team and keepon going

  • Roland

    The team and referee blogs are a great addition. This is one of the best sites to follow the World Cup.

  • Andrey

    My respect to your team ! Trinidad and Tobago, you have great future in football. Im with you !!!

    Moscow, Russia

  • abdul

    what is the music that is played before each world cup 2006 game begins, is like orceshtral music. its played just before the team have their national anthem.


  • darko156

    I`m not the only Macedonian reading this blogs :)


    BTW great blog network go on

  • mrinal K.Chakraborty.

    It is nice to see the 2006 FIFA world cup .what we have seen in TV monitor it is fine every thing goes in fine weys,talicusting is very high
    Quality etc ,etc . One thing is very disappointing is that the coverage of the
    Play in the view point of TV viewers is not up to the mark . It is observed that 80% of the play is telecasted by one camera which could not drag the
    TV viewer fully involvement in those beautiful well contested games.So,I
    Think in near future it should be improved.

    Above is only my opinion.

    Mrinal K. Chakraborty.

  • Papazorro

    Great place for those of us who doesn’t have acces to .com sites, thanks and keep on going

  • A Shaindli

    I am trying to find out where to purchase the hat worn by the young lady in this photo. I cannot find it online. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  • first

    If you are very kind please tell me ‘what is meaning
    (slogan) of this year world cup?’It is part of my class

  • World cup song

    Check out this great song for Englands victory. England, England, England.

  • Adil Soliman

    Dear Sir
    I need to buy vedio or DVD for a compete match of world cub. Example France vs Germany 1982 or Italy vs Brasil 1982 or 1986 and others. If any one know were I can purchase these please let me know on my E-mail

  • futeboleiro

    The site is very cool and helpfull.

    Thank you.

  • Affin

    Great site, guys. Well done!

    Best World Cup blog!

  • STML

    Sorry it’s over?

  • thredith

    Hi, do you know the name of the song played after the world cup was given to Italy?, the one you can hear on the background right on this video:

    If you know the name or the artist please tell answer me back.
    Thanks (^-^)°

  • gabriele zamparini

    Zidane and the ‘war on terror’
    By Gabriele Zamparini

  • Nice

    Thank you guys. You might also want to have a look at some of these frames taken in italy during the final match. (specially the last one…)

  • sooz

    I have a TECHNICAL PROBLEM so I thought I would post it here hoping that someone can help.

    I cannot get an active link out of “Read the rest of the comments” on any pages. Doesn’t highlight, doesn’t connect.

    I have a Mac G4, OS 10.3.9

    Driving me CRAZY, so can anyone help this poor Canadian-Soccer-Loving-Girl??!! There’s a cold Kokanee in it for ya!!

  • daryl

    Hi sooz,

    I’m no expert, but you could try using a different browser. Maybe Firefox?

  • sooz

    hey there daryl,

    yes, I think this definitely has something to do with my browser, and will seek out Apple’s support line before doing anything radical to my system. thanks for the heads-up, sending you a cyber beer ( I know that sucks, but I have no cash).


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