Euro 2012 Qualifying


Brazil 2014 Poster Released

January 30th, 2013 | By: chris | Comments Comments (0)

The World Cup in Brazil is sneaking up rapidly - only 17 months until the country goes bananas for the Selecao, and 18 until they riot when someone else wins it all. Today, they released the official poster and logo, which is a design spaced such that it creates a [read more]

Raymond Domenech: All Alone With A Pen

November 20th, 2012 | By: chris | Comments Comments (0)

The inevitable has happened: Raymond Domenech's written a book. It's called All Alone (Tout Seul) and it appears to have a heavy focus, if it's not entirely centered upon, the French World Cup 2010 fiasco. And in typical Domenech fashion, it's been done with drama, controversy and throwing absolutely everyone in the vicinity underneath the bus. Which might not make for a great football coach, but it damn sure aids in selling books. A few excerpts of name-calling, yelling and weeping from Ray's autobiography(ish) reveals his true feelings, and that he thinks Franck Ribery is a bit of an ass. Though who doesn't. [read more]

Photo: And The Sun Goes Down

November 14th, 2012 | By: chris | Comments Comments (0)

While much of the world is partaking in meaningless friendlies, some World Cup Qualifiers are happening, such as the one between Oman and Japan. This shot of some "spectators" atop the stadium in Muscat makes it all worth it. [read more]

France's Whistle Blowing Fortune

October 18th, 2012 | By: chris | Comments Comments (0)

Interesting footage to come out of Spain today: that big Olivier Giroud goal which saw Les Bleus net a colossal draw against the Milky Way Champeens? Almost didn't happen. With three minutes of added time, it appeared the referee was getting ready to bring the whistle to his mouth to [read more]

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